Sell your broken electronics, don’t throw them out

I work in the technical support field, and I have to tell you, I see so much money thrown away in the form of broken computers.

The average person has zero use for a computer that doesn’t work, no matter what the ailment is.  One of the most common questions I get when I diagnose a computer that’s dead and expensive to fix is, “How do I get rid of it?”

A lot of people automatically opt for recycling programs.  I, on the other hand, get paid to recycle my dead electronics on

There is a huge market for broken computers on craigslist simply because, when a computer dies, usually it is only one or two components that are bad.  All the other parts are just fine.  This includes any kind of casing on computer or any other small parts internally.  People with computer repair businesses can easily pull parts and make lots of money back on their investment in repair costs.

I am a Mac enthusiast.  I had two dead computers laying around in my closet.  One was a completely dead iBook laptop from 2001.  It hadn’t been touched in about four years and I had dropped it.  It didn’t turn on at all and had a few dead components.  But, because the screen, keyboard, and more were salvageable on it, I was able to sell it for $80.

A dead iMac of mine from 2002 went for $100.  Same deal — wouldn’t boot up, but had plenty of salvageable parts that dealers could use for other repairs.

Both of these were sold in the same one week period.  $180 and I cleared up some space in my closets.

Next time you have a dead computer, don’t let it sit around in your closet.  Try listing it on and get some money for it.

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